Your story is unique and deserves to be preserved.

It would be such an honor to document your journey.


Classic and timeless Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer based outside of Northern Virginia. With an eclectic yet refined style, capturing each moment from an intentional and creative perspective. 

Meet Raquel

We live and hear it often....time is fleeting no matter how much you try to slow down. 
Capturing these moments is what helps us hold onto those memories more tangibly.

More than just a wife and mama bear, I am a believer in capturing love and all the small moments in between.

"Our wedding day was everything and more and I have you to thank for a lot of it! Your presence was comforting and you made it so easy and fun! I can't thank you enough" 
-Allie LaBarge (R.A.P. Bride)

Wedding &Lifestyle Photography

Warrenton, Virginia